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I provide professional development, online courses, inspiration, affirmation, & leadership coaching to businesses globally to allow both women and men to sustain themselves through the work they absolutely love.

I provide individual, personalized coaching to individuals who are stuck and struggling to move forward in their relationships, careers, and marriages. I help you find your path to success, hold you accountable to do the work, and provide you with the tools to access your talents, skills and gifts. The work involved is hard if you are serious and confident about stepping out of your comfort zone and moving into your power.

Who is this for?

Individual coaching is for:

a. people who are fully invested in themselves so that they can impact the lives of others.
b. people who are stressed, burnt out, depressed, despaired, don’t know where to start or what to do, but do know that there is work to be done, then this is for you!
c. people who need support in a specific area of their lives and want to empower themselves for change.

What does it include? During these sessions, you will receive:

One on One Coaching:
Helping you become aware of where you’re at and who you are, how to remove the blocks and move past them with consistent, energetic and explorative practice.
Face to Face coaching.
Online coaching.
A LIVE webinar session, with a Q&A session.
You track where you're at and how you progressing.
You get to do some inner work and align with who you are in order to move to the next level in your life here on earth.
Empowerment Tools & Strategies:
An assessment of where you’re at, current tools for your inner work (which may include meditation, yoga, journaling, a process of inner healing as you proceed with the work, manifestation, self-help Worksheets, etc.).
You get to do your own personalized guided meditations that are your best next steps
(for example, you could create your own through the process of the work that we do together which will help you position your heart in it’s true state, release past traumas, depending on your purpose of the coaching session)
Methods to work with your inner voice.

Professional Training and Development

I provide professional development, online courses, motivation & leadership coaching to Businesses. Managers and Leaders are encouraged to learn by ongoing coaching, success stories and collaboration into their day-to-day work allowing people to “BE”, CREATE, MAKE MISTAKES, and get to be part of a healthy and wealthy business.

Benefits of Coaching in Business

Developing employees’ coaching skills makes it way better for managers to communicate with their teams, nip challenges in the bud and deliver results faster and on a given timeline.

So, over the next few months we’re kicking off an exciting coaching programme. Join us as we create an interactive programme focusing on developing conversational coaching skills and promoting more meaningful conversations between clients, coworkers, managers, and customers.

This practical workshop provides the tools and skills employees and team leaders need through one to one coaching and group sessions. It will help them adopt a learning mindset with simple conversations.

Employees and Team leaders will be able to manage themselves and create a shared learning culture.

They get to be a constructive evaluator of their own work and the work of their colleagues and leaders in their teams.

Developing people & performance

Getting the best out of the people you lead

  • NEmployee trust and employee morale.
  • NGreater retention and performance rates.
  • NCompetitive edge within your industry.
  • NAlignment of consistent work habits to daily job tasks.
  • NHappier and healthier Employee, Manager and Customer relationships.
  • NCreates positive communication.
  • NImproved Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity.
  • NSupport new starters.
  • NSolutions focused business.
  • NBetter Conversations, Build resilience and change.

If you’d like to work with a consultant who really cares about their people, I invite you to schedule a conversation.


If you’re looking to add some exciting new courses or coaching to your company, email me and we can discuss your requirements. We’d like to hear from you to find out how best we can help.

Professional Training and Development

If you have not already started or are in the process of starting your change process of leadership, there’s no better time than NOW!

Speed up your hiring process, revisit your strategies, clarify the skills needed, fill open positions. Change your doing and allow people to “BE”, CREATE, MAKE MISTAKES, and watch how quickly your business profits skyrocket!

Fill open positions with Gig workers where you can. So, you’ve hired now what? It’s time to invest in his or her career, by providing growth and learning opportunities.

To retain your best Employees, you need to focus their learning, performance, engagement, and retention, no matter what. Developing people is no longer an option or a perk. It’s key to the GROWTH of the business and to the success of the Employee.

We provide soft skills on online learning platforms, suited to the key requirements for business needs, allowing learners to quickly accomplish their tasks in their relevant position.

Mastering time management is one of the key drivers of any business operation. Spending loads of time on knowledge and information overload is where the world is at right now. Businesses need courses that work for both employee and employer. There is a solution and an offering of learning opportunities in small, bite-sized chunks that can be quickly implemented into the employees’ task on any given workday. This type of learning allows for consistency, consistency creates habit, habits create skill. Get Managers Involved as coaches and mentors. Managers and employees should block regular times on their calendar to practice the behavior they want to build into a habit. The key here is about “bite size chunks”. If you push too hard and expect results right away, the employee is bound to be setup for failure and so too will the Company lose its return on investment.

Here are four effective strategies for developing your talent — and keeping them learning and happy:

Develop soft Skills:

  • NLeadership
  • NCommunication through conversations
  • NCollaboration
  • NConsistency
  • NMastering time management

Managers and Leaders who encourage learning by ongoing coaching, success stories and collaboration into their day-to-day work allow people to “BE”, CREATE, MAKE MISTAKES, and get to be part of a healthy and wealthy business.

While working for Deloitte and Touché, the key to success was the integration of work and life, giving opportunity to employees, managers, leaders to experience, an upward trajectory proving career growth into higher-level positions with higher pay, growth opportunities and one of the best workplaces to be part of.

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